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Dear Friends,
Welcome to our redesigned website. This mobile-friendly website offers new ways to support our work, meet our Board of Directors, and engage in volunteer activities with CSK.

We’ve updated our Calendar & Events page, please take a look! We are very pleased to be able to bring you information about our organization, programs and on-going events in this new format, and hope that you will share our website with your friends and family. We hope you will visit our Mission and Events pages to read more about who we are, and what we do.
In Memoriam

We are saddened to note the passing of two significant members of our community.

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In November, we were shaken by the sudden passing of Louis Stone. He was a compassionate and widely respected community leader here in New Haven. He was married to Susan Stone, one of our board members, and a major supporter of us in the community. During our kitchen renovation, Lou was integral the project because of his considerable expertise and interest. We will remember him as beloved husband, father, friend, and deeply involved volunteer.
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In February, our board member Dr. Joseph Stevens passed away. Joe was a leading psychology at Yale as well as a long time board member, generous supporter, and beloved Christ Church parishioner. He publicly and privately advocated for us in a number of wonderful ways, especially over the last ten years. We will all miss his warm demeanor and unceasing kindness.

Both Joe and Lou will be missed by us.

Overview of Activities
  • default_titleCommunity Soup Kitchen provides lunch weekdays (except Wednesday) at our Broadway location, in the Parish House of the Christ Church, Episcopal. Working with four other sites, we also offer breakfast to the homeless and hungry four days a week.
  • default_titleIn addition to providing free nutritious meals, Community Soup Kitchen acts as a host site for agencies that offer various assistance to our guests, such as Hill Health Center, and the ACCESS mental health outreach team, as well as employment and pre-employment resources.
  • default_titleTwice each week we work with Saint Luke’s Services to provide lunch for needy women and children. We also provide bagged lunches for the homeless outreach program at Fellowship Place.
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  • default_titleCommunity Soup Kitchen’s operating budget is approximately $375,000. We do not receive state or federal funds. We do, however, receive some food from government programs, and have received grants from the City of New Haven to sustain our work.
  • default_titleCommunity Soup Kitchen has a paid staff of three, and a volunteer coordinator and all-volunteer Board. We also have many dedicated volunteers from Yale and the wider community, court mandated workers, and clients of Chapel Haven who participate in rehabilitative programs featuring work in our kitchen and dining room.
  • default_titleOur guests include the jobless, homeless, elderly, those living with AIDS, those living on welfare, the mentally ill, chronic substance abusers, single parents, the working poor, veterans, and the lonely and hungry people of our community.
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Community Soup Kitchen is a member of End Hunger Connecticut!, the Connecticut Anti-Hunger Coalition, the Connecticut Food Bank, the Emergency Food Council of Greater New Haven, and is an associate member of the Interfaith Cooperative Ministries of New Haven. We also participate in many activities sponsored by these agencies, such as the Walk Against Hunger each Spring, and the Cook and Care Walk-a-Thon each Fall.
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Contact Information

Christ Church Episcopal
84 Broadway
New Haven CT 06511
phone: (203) 624-4594
fax: (203) 787-3206